Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why BALAK PALAK is a must watch at Darpan 2013?

Balak Palak is the only Marathi film in Darpan 2013 and deals with the sensitive subject of sex education. Despite the boldness of the subject, the makers have sent across  their message in a comedy drama format, bordering on satire, at times.

The story is about four teenage friends who over hear that a friend has left their colony, as she had brought “disgrace to her family”.

Having received unsatisfactory explanations from their parents, the teens make it imperative to find out what exactly was her “disgraceful act”.

In this journey to discover, they end-up bonding a little too much with their seniors from school who inturn enlightens them by introducing them to blue films.

Balak-Palak (meaning Children-Parents) is directed by Ravi Jadhav and produced by Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh,

The initials formed by the title of the film (BP) also make a secondary reference to a 'blue picture' or low-quality pornographic videos that were available on videotape in the 1980s in South Asia.

The movie received rave reviews and most experts agreed that it’s a “must watch for parents”. So much so that Deshmukh plans to make a Hindi language remake of the film.

Balak Palak (Language - Marathi (Indian) with English subtitles; Rating – PG13) will be screened on 7th Sep, 2pm at Arts House Screening room, as part of the Indian Film festival - Darpan 2013.

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