Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why PAPPILO BUDDHA is a must watch at Darpan 2013?

Pappilo Buddha deals with multiple social issues which are amongst biggest challenges facing the real India – Gender inequality, casteism and atrocities committed against certain castes.

 The story deals with the discrimination against landless Dalits (considered a lower strata of society in India) and the politics of suppression of their struggle against the upper castes and other powerful elements of the society.

It explores the life of a group of displaced Dalits in the western coastal belt of India and probes the new identity politics based on Ambedkarism.

The film is so hard hitting that it was denied censorship, initially, due to visuals and dialogues which denigrated Gandhi. In one scene a group of irate Dalits burn and effigy of the Mahatma which prompted the British Film Institute to express shock and disbelief in their notes.

The film won awards at Athens international film festival and Kerala state awards. It’s the only Malayalam film in Darpan 2013.

Papillo Buddha (Language - Malayalam (Indian) with English subtitles; Rating – M18) will be screened on 6th Sep, 7:30m at Arts House Screening room, as part of the Indian Film festival - Darpan 2013.

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