Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why SHOBDO is a must watch at Darpan 2013?

Work Life balance anyone?

Shobdo deals with a foley artist so obsessed with perfection in his work that his ear drums become recipient to sounds while ignoring vocals. Medically, there is nothing wrong with him (as per doctors), but his life keeps falling apart.

Bengali cinema has now made two movies on the importance of sounds in recent years, Nisshabd being the other classic.

Shobdo is the current best Bengali movie around as it won the National award this year.

Shobdo adds to an impressive Kaushik Ganguly’s filmography - others being C/O Sir, Rang Milanti, & Arekti Premir Golpo!

Get to meet the actors and director of Shobdo at the screening!

Oh yes and do you know what’s a foley artist? One who creates ambient sounds for  movies/plays/theatres/tv  – the creaking of the door, the thud of a falling apple, the clinking of clashing vessels, the sound of a slap and many more!

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