Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why PROLOY is a must watch at DARPAN

We've been reading and protesting about the gangrapes in India...watch a film that borrows from true incidents...
As a part of showcasing films that portray community issues and social conditions DARPAN is proud to screen PROLOY ( with English Subtitles).. the newest addition to the festival bouquet.

The story revolves around a brave heart Barun Biswas who raises voice against numerous gang rapes in a village called Dukhiya. Dukhiya, where gang rapes had become a festival. These are celebrated by some political criminals. They do not even spare children and aged females. Police also will not take up any complaints against these powerful criminals. Will Barun be able to survive it all and raise his voice? Will the condition of women improve? In the light of all thats been happening in present times this film is a poignant commentary on community issues and power of the masses. The film has as its backdrop real life incidents and experiences.

Meet Director Raj Chakraborty and actors...speak to them...share your views at the screening...

Tickets to go on sale soon...watch this space...

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